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Friday, February 3, 2012

Handmade Cut, broken China Plate Rim Mosaic Window Pane

Window Pane Shabby Chic Mosaic stained glass, cut broken china WINDOW PANE Wall ART

Custom made Mosaic wall hanging
Handmade custom made shabby cottage chic Window Pane mosaic wall-hanging, stained glass wall art home decor 6 Pane, Window Pane wall decor. Available at my Art Fire Store, see link for it below.

Measurements: 35 inches long, 25 inches wide, white frame distressed, A delightful wall decor to beautify your will catch the attention of friends and family alike...

Handmade Mosaic made from cut vintage fine bone china plates with a glass tile nipper....enhanced with all pastel colored stained glass, grouted sealed and viola!

A precious piece of Art...

The hardware is attached to hang it either horizontal or vertical...

EXPLANATION OF how I create my art:

If you are wondering "just why is this piece so expensive?", here's the scoop:
The substrates (violins, tables, trays, sets) are not something I purchased at a store. They are actually vintage and not cheap.

I purchase the primer and paint, the fine bone china plates, the stained glass, the gems, the mirror, the grout, the glue and the sealer.

I hand cut each piece of fine Bone china plates, stained glass and mirror. I do not break it by stomping on them or hitting them with a hammer. I use special nippers and glass cutters for cutting the bone china plates/stained glass into precise small pieces.

I hand place and glue each piece into place. In some cases, I have to re-cut and trim the pieces to fit the them. Although it may look like these pieces are randomly placed, they are not.

After all the cutting and gluing is done (about 1 to 2 month), I hand mixed the grout and apply it to the substrate. When it has cured a bit, I wipe the excess off with a wet sponge. This process usually takes a while and is very messy. Once done, I allow the piece to dry completely. Sometimes I have more then one site on a substrate and have to do this process over again. When everything is dry, I buff the grout "film" off of the china plate mosaic/stained glass so it would sparkle.

When the grouting is complete, the piece is sealed which takes an additional 72 hours. Then I glue the additional pretties and baubles on there. In all, I probably spent 1 to 3 month on a Mosaic piece.
Shipping cost is an estimate, any overcharged shipping is always reimbursed. The item weighs 24 lbs

Mosaic Art by Myeuropeantouch