Myeuropeantouch Design

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My very first Mosaic Table

I found this old Queen Ann Table at a flea market just crying out to be saved. From the looks of it,
it seem to have been a TV table/Stand, as there was a drawer look like pull down behind it was room for a VCR. It was old! I purchased and carried my treasure home.

First, a little sanding, I primed, and painted in a cottage pink Semi Gloss paint. looked boring- I took a sponge and did a "wash treatment" on it in
Gold and Silver Paint, sealed it and I was happy.

Then I started to mosaic the table top, so many, many beautiful rose china plates I cut and nipped just so
to fit perfectly. The Mosaic then was grouted and sealed. "Tadahhh"...a perfect piece, in my eyes anyway.

Mosaic Art by Myeuropeantouch