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Friday, October 11, 2013

My newest Cake Dome Cover, Mosaic Cake Server and Platter

SOLD !!!!!

Mosaic Cake Dome, Handmade, Custom made China Mosaic Cake Dome colors of yellow, white’s, reds and pinks.Let Them Eat Cake! According to History books, she never made this statement. Does it matter, looking at this gorgeous Handmade/Custom Made Mosaic Cake Dome, not in the least! Worthy of Marie Antoinette's chocolate-dipped berries stashed underneath, this Vintage Cake Dome seems to have paid witness to ages of palatial galas. You'll be tempted to scarf buttercream goodies, chocolate confections and cake that hide underneath and share with friends and family, while they admire your beautiful Cake Cover. Delicate pastries, cakes, cookies can be kept within this beautiful Cake Dome.

This detailed confectioner imposter, certainly looks like one, will perch prettily in china cabinets, as a table decorative or can sit on the kitchen counter. Lovely remembrance of times gone by. A vintage cake dome transformed, primed and painted, changed in appearance with this handmade china plate rim Mosaic and stained glass, handmade Clay Roses. What a shabby chic art piece.

Ready to be loved for another 60 years... Every cut Mosaic Piece I placed with utter loving care so as to preserve some of the patterns of the Vintage China Plate Rims. The mosaic is grouted in an Antique white grout and sealed. 
A crystal looking pink Knob replaced the old one on the top.

Can be found in my shop, click the link below. Thank you for looking 

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