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Friday, September 19, 2014

Clothespin Dress, available in my shop

French Toile Fabric lined Clothespin Dress, handmade.

Do you still dry your clothes out in the fresh air, this is the perfect companion to do so, handy, filled with clothespins ready to use.

It walks/ slides with you on the enclosed hanger while you hang your items on the line to blow in the gentle wind.

Handmade, machine sewn

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alix of TheAlchemistVessel, a shop full of twisted rings and much more

Alix is a “twister of rings” as one has stated in the past. But that quite does not cover the versatility of this lovely woman and fabulous Artist. I personally wish I could afford one of her “beautimus” creations. (I had to use that word, Alix)

 Aren't these the prettiest things.....
Turquoise Chainmaille Genuine Gemstone Earrings

This is how she describes herself and shares what she does:
Specializing in Chainmaille, Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry. Thank you so much for stopping by to view the hand crafted offerings. Like what you see but don't see what you like? Custom work is available. All items are handmade with love and attention to detail. We believe that our customers are unique, and so is our jewelry.
Infinity Chainmaille Gemstone Necklace
GASP....just gorgeous....isn't
Eclectic and fun, I try to bring a sense of whimsy and femininity to the pieces I create. As a self-taught artisan I find that not being confined to the traditional allows me to be freer in my designs.

The word alchemy means to turn something common into something extraordinary. Alixandra of The Alchemists
Vessel strives to turn the mundane into extraordinary and beautiful, wearable art. Fascinated with color and texture she tries to let the elements inspire the creation instead of forcing them to be something. Born from necessity, The Alchemists Vessel came into being because the hobby had overrun the house. She is a Certified Jewelry Designer and Repair Technician. She has found outside employment as a Jewelry-Making Instructor at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, as well as private Group and Club lessons.

I just love, love her work....look at this one....
Chainmaille Peek A Boo Red Glass Bead Bracelet

As the sole proprietor Alixandra does everything from answering the phone and taking custom orders, and creating them,
to running the package to the post office and everything in between.

Each item at The Alchemists Vessel is made with meticulous care and attention to detail. Jump Rings are hand spun,
cut or sawed, and assembled into the beautiful chainmaille pieces she has on offer. Gemstones are hand set or mounted, chain is polished and made to shine. On occasion a vintage piece or Estate piece of jewelry will be available, Alixandra has usually "up-cycled" these pieces, repaired, or re-designed them in their entirety for a completely new piece.

Two Ringy Dingy Sterling Silver Plated Chainmaille Ring
Amazing, don't you think.....

Alixandra is also the owner and operator of Little Shop of Artists, a retail venue for local artists in Boise, Idaho to display
and sell their wares. She is also the author of "In Chains", a forthcoming e-book with 18 fun projects for you to make.

I think I need to shop very soon....

Dragon Tears Micro Maille Earrings

My love of nature and the outdoors has inspired many of my creations and I try to offer only the finest quality natural
Gemstones, glass beads, and other high quality materials. As a designer I would like customers to be as happy and pleased with the pieces they purchase as I am in creating each unique one. Each piece is handcrafted made with love, meticulous care and attention to detail, with a sense varying styles, beauty and excitement.

Please go and check out her shops, it is really worth it.....Monika

You can find her here: