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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The road less traveled .........via handbound books, I love this artist.....

Today I wish to showcase one of my favorite handmade artists and there are many believe me.

Her name is Andrea and I dearly admire her work.
One of these days I will own a full size handmade, hand bound book of hers. I have the fortune to own a small hand bound book already and love it so.Handmade Journal
Meet Andrea and this is what she says about herself:
Old road maps used to have the back roads printed in blue, they’re the roads less traveled…those are the ones I prefer.
Nantucket Map
I am a full time book binder and artist since being laid off from my job in 2010 – Best thing that ever happened to me!   When not painting or binding I travel, garden and read.
(I’m a huge book nerd) among tons of other things.
Makes you smile, doesn’t…..
Handbound Journal
She further reiterates:
All books, art & writing journals, sketchbooks & albums are made with nice thick durable fabric covered covers, they are beautifully hand bound and have generous page counts.
I have a 3 book maximum on any one fabric design then it will be retired, even then each of the 3 will either have different paper or binding or both.   
An encouragement to buyers; if you don’t see something already made that you like please contact me so that together we may collaborate to make a custom book or journal that is absolutely perfect for your tastes and needs. Page counts, fabrics, paper colors, binding technique…all up to you.
Cherry Handbound Journal
 Now who can resist that! I call that Customer Service at its highest, one just cannot be disappointed.
Small Handbound journal
And by the way “book binding” is a soon to be forgotten old art in the times we live in. I love her
craft. Just check out her stores below and see for yourself. You may click on any link to admire her
creations and splurge on one, or two….

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vinatge Washboard Mosaic Wall Art, so shabby, cottage

Handmade Mosaic Wall Art Washboard Design bright yellow glitter mosaic
Wall Art Vintage redesigned Mosaic Washboard, handmade broken china mosaic in yellows, lavenders, purples.
The mosaic is done with cut, broken china plate rims, mixed with some glitter tiles and stained glass. Sanded, primed, painted and distressed... Grouted in Antique White, a row of lavender pearls surround the Mosaic and it is sure ready for hanging in any room you chose too. Every lil cut Mosaic Piece I placed with utter loving care so as to preserve some of the patterns of the Vintage China Plate Rims. One small piece at a time, utterly time consuming, but I love what I do. Fit for Laundry, kitchen, garden patio, and any other corner you wish to brighten up a bit.
Wall Art Washboard Mosaic handmade clay roses handmade mosaic shabby cottage chic
Aqua colored Washboard Mosaic Wall Art, handmade Mosaic and clay roses. I sanded, primed and painted a vintage wash board, so it can be loved again for another 50 years. This wash board wall art is covered with a cut china plate rim Mosaic in the hues of blues, surrounded with light blue pearl strings.
Every lil cut Mosaic Piece I placed with utter loving care so as to preserve some of the patterns of the Vintage China Plate Rims. One small piece at a time, utterly time consuming, but I love what I do. Grouted in an Antique White grout, gives it this charming look of times gone by.

The Wash Board is vintage, distressed at some spots what a charming wall art for kitchen, laundry rooms, patios, oh, wherever you wish to brighten up a lil corner of your world. Handmade clay roses tucked in the upper right corner to give this wall art hanging the special touch. A handmade piece to fit in any style of decor, Shabby cottage Chic, Beach, Paris Apartment, Garden room or Kitchen Handmade by Myeuropeantouch
Just click on the picture and it will get you to my store, or use the link below for
Thank you for looking.

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet Dr. John of Rasmussen Gems here on

John Atwell Rasmussen PhD, AJP and Deborah have a wonderful shop here on with all kinds of Gem Stone Jewelry, beading and raw materials for jewelry.
I am in love with this one, a Amethyst, isn't beautimus ........
John was educated in Geology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He then taught geology and after ten years switched to a professional course in pre hospital medicine. He retired from emergency medical services and is pursuing his love of rocks, minerals and gems as the lapidary and jeweler at Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC  now.
In other words, Artisan jewelry designer and lapidary is his second profession after retiring from 42 years of education and pre hospital medicine. He enjoys learning and will be starting in Jewelry history. He has been educated in Gemology and Jewelry Design and Repair at: International Gem Society,Gemological Institute of America and Penn Foster Career School.
I am a lover of Gemstones, this ring is just beautiful....(smile)

Dr. Rasmussen is assisted in the shop by his wife,Debora Lee Rasmussen. She is disabled and does
bead design and crafting making all of the beaded pieces in the shop. Debora previously designed decorative swags and wreaths custom made for home decor.
I personal would have loved to see some of Deborah’s Home Décor Art, alas that is not possible.
Love this anklet, Deborah and John are so talented.......
All jewelry and gemstones offered in his shop are handcrafted.
Debora does now the beading to design and fabricate necklaces, anklets, bracelets, ear rings,and key chains. John does lapidary to cut the gemstones, metal smithing (silver and copper)to make the jewelry and wire wrapping.
If you need something made to order, he is available for custom orders and all it takes is,
leave a message for them via his shop 
or his email address shown below.
All of his Sterling silver pendants will come with a 20 inch Sterling silver box chain with a ring clasp.All of his mixed metal, copper and brass pendants will come with a 20 inch leather necklace. The Clasp on his leather items will vary due to availability.
WHAT a deal.....
Gem identification and appraisal services are also available, I have taken advantage of that service that he offers in his shop.

You can find John here:
John Atwell Rasmussen, PhD, AJP
Lapidary, Gemologist, Geologist, Artisan Jeweler
HAF shop:
Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Monday, June 30, 2014

Numerous handmade Mosaic Cake Dome Servers in my shop

Cake Dome's, Cake Cover's, Cake Server's with glass pedestal cake stand.
Handmade Mosaic from broken cut china plate rims and stained glass. The colors I chose are subtle and pale or bright and shiney.

Every lil mosaic tile and glass tile on this cake dome is placed with the greatest love and care. I then grouted and sealed the Cake Dome Cover's, pearls surround the cake dome's lid and some clay roses placed at a perfect spot on the dome's enhances the hole design.

Switched out the old wooden knob's with a fun new knobs. Shabby Cottage Chic.... Fits into any décor, any room, can be fully used and if not used it is certainly a show stopper at any party.

Measurements: Dome 11x4.5 Glass Pedestal: 12.75x 4.88
Thank you for looking.

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet ReefBotanicals and FabricofmyMind

I like to introduce to you today Larissa who owns two shops on 
And I think she is the busiest woman I have ever met in my entire life.
She reminds me of the roadrunner, she is in constant motion doing this and that. I admire her greatly, I cannot fathom to do what she does, my head would spin so bad, I could not see straight! On, we share with her often times that we are getting dizzy just reading her comments.
In her own words, and I quote: “Larissa sees herself as a lawyer, teacher, face painter, artist,
photographer, crafter, sewer, knitter, baker, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and pet owner. And she is.”
I might mention that recently she has added a few more of her interest’s with her husband, like Bee Keeping, acting and more.
She owns two shop’s called FabricofmyMind and ReefBotanicals. They are really a husband and wife team, Larissa and Eric, who discovered their mutual love for making things from scratch. Between them, they cook, bake, brew, craft, paint, photograph... and that doesn't take into account their other hobbies! We do not see much of Eric, but we sure are informed what’s going on with him, so we are able to keep up with both of them – if that is even possible!

In her shop, Fabric of my Mind, you will find her various undertakings, such as sewing, knitting, art, photography, and just generally creating. When I see this scarf, I do not call that generally creating! This is her own pattern, sprung from her mind and handmade to completion.
Her shop ReefBotanicals adheres to its commitment to bring you all-natural bath and beauty products. All of their bath and beauty products are made with all natural ingredients, never synthetic perfumes, fragrance oils, or colorants, and never pre-made soap bases. Their commitment is to the ultimate in quality and your well-being. You can rest assured that their products are free of harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and parabens. Her shop promise is: We are  the makers of our high quality, all natural handcrafted soaps and other indulgences. We do not use any pre-made bases, but make all of our products ourselves, from our own recipes, with our own four hands, (Larissa and Eric) in small batches. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients in our bath and beauty products, to give you a luxurious bath experience. We therefore do not use synthetic fragrance oils, only essential oils. The same standard is held for colorants, and the colors you see in our bath and beauty products come only from the ingredients themselves or safe, natural additives. Most of our soaps are suitable for vegans and/or vegetarians, and those are noted for your convenience. None of our products have been or will ever be tested on animals.
Please, have a look at both of her shops, ReefBotanicals and FabricofmyMind, they are filled with high quality, handmade goodies which you absolutely have to have. I own a few candles and they are just out of this world, so don’t haste, shop around.

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

French Penmanship Script Accent Pillow Cover, new in my shop, handmade

Decor Pillow Accent Pillow Cover/Shell Penman French Script Fabric Sofa Chair pillow Handmade

One Décor Pillow, Accent Pillow, Throw Pillow Cover/Shell only, handmade from French Penmanship Script Fabric.

This is all the rage right now, the color is natural with a light blue postage stamp on the fabric. It is sewn in the envelope style, never worry about zippers and stuff. All seams inside are finished and the corners are triple stitched.
Measurements 14x13.5 inches, Photographed in different lighting

I like to sew my pillow's just a smidgen smaller, it gives them a nice puffed look when the insert is in. It will fit a 14x14 insert, which is NOT included.

The fabric is screen printed on natural 100% cotton duck; this versatile medium weight fabric is perfect for Accent pillows. *Use cold water and mild detergent.
Thank you for looking

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Friday, June 6, 2014

Broken China Mosaic Cake Dome and Cake stand, so Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Cottage handmade Mosaic Cake Dome Cover and Pedestal cake stand, made from  Broken China plate rims and stained glass.
Shabby Handmade Mosaic Cake Dome, Cake Cover, Custom made broken China Mosaic Cake Dome in colors of the rain bow. Included is the Glass Pedestal Cake Stand.
The napkin and cup cake's are décor and not included.

Lovely remembrance of times gone by. A vintage cake dome transformed, primed and painted, changed in appearance with this handmade china plate rim Mosaic and stained glass, handmade Clay Roses and Pearls. The clay roses spill over the round somewhere, - what a shabby chic art piece. Ready to be loved for another 60 years...

Let Them Eat Cake! According to History books, she never made this statement. Does it matter, looking at this gorgeous Handmade/Custom Made Mosaic Cake Dome, not in the least! Worthy of Marie Antoinette chocolate-dipped berries stashed underneath, this Vintage Cake Dome seems to have paid witness to ages of palatial galas. You'll be tempted to scarf butter cream goodies, chocolate confections and cake that hide underneath and share with friends and family, while they admire your beautiful Cake Cover. Delicate pastries, cakes, cookies can be kept within this beautiful Cake Dome. This detailed confectioner imposter, certainly looks like one, will perch prettily in china cabinets, as a table decorative or can sit on the kitchen counter.

Every cut Mosaic Piece I placed with utter loving care so as to preserve some of the patterns of the Vintage China Plate Rims. The mosaic is grouted in an Antique white grout and sealed. A row of pearls surround the edge of the Dome and a lil Bling on the new white knob, that you go.... This item is available in my Handmade Artists shop right now.
The measurements are 11 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches high
Thank you for looking at Myeuropeantouch shop
A little note:
* all of our items are packaged with care are wrapped special just for you.
* if you have a large order...we will combine shipping and use priority mail, if at all possible...
* if the postage is in major excess...a refund will be given.
*we are friendly, so please feel free to drop a note any time! Open to all questions and suggestions. Enjoy...remember I am not new to Online Selling, 10 years experience and over 800 positive feedbacks

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet Andrew, the Administrator and Owner of

 Meet Andrew, the Administrator and Owner of His wife Kimberly is also an administrator/owner of this venue we love so much. Handmade only!
Andrew’s passion is twisting Rings! Yep, that’s what he say’s:
“Twisting Rings”
He specializes in high quality handmade chainmaille creations in silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, and jeweler's brass
I have been forever partial to this one 
Chainmaille is an ancient art that dates back before the 5th century.  The process involves interweaving rings of varioussizes into intricate patterns to create wearable metal art.  In ancient times, chainmaille served the useful purpose ofprotecting soldiers in battle; but, since there are very few jousting matches happening on modern streets, chainmaille
has evolved into wearable art. ChainmailleByMBOI creates pieces using a variety of metals including Sterling Silver,Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze.  He states, almost any pattern that you see can be created from a different metal so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact him and he will be happy to begin a
special order for you.
Love, love this one....and he calls it just twisting rings, I cant even bend one of them.....(smile)
Now that’s his passion, aside from his day job, he is handling the actual Sales Venue called  Handmadeartists,com,constantly on his toes, to answer questions, assisting with functions, promotes everything and every body on thousands of other venues, so is well seen and talked about. I really am only touching the surface here,I cannot imagining what else he does in addition to all this. My presentation here is just a humble sliver of his talents. Go visit and pick that special piece you always wanted....
You can find Andrew right here:

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor

Monday, June 2, 2014

It is my pleasure to introduce Kimberly, the shop owner of Making the Best of it on

Hi everyone, with pleasure do I introduce Kimberly and her shop Making the Best Of on she is part owner of this well loved online selling venue
This talented lady does glass painting, jewelry and who knows what else she has up her sleeve. Her shop Makin the Best Of It Website is home to hand painted glassware that will add drama to any table; one of kind sea glass jewelry which brings summer into your life all year around; and custom painted wedding invitations which are perfect for gifts is home to Making the best of it on .
Kimberly also offers custom orders of your choice of colors and patterns, they are always welcome and she has done many.
I am loving this intricate piece of Jewelry, wire wrapped, a beautiful shade of Green 

Look at this altered book art, didn’t even know she did this type of art too.....
For Kimberly Makin the Best Of It began as a hobby and grew into a business. She wanted to create something beautifulthat was useful as well...and custom glass painting began! Add to the fact that she is lucky enough to live along the
New Jersey shore and has access to the most wonderful sea glass, another addiction was born. Sea glass Jewelry was born.
Her handpainted glass art you can find now on her own website and I love these, since I am into music 
I admire Kimberly greatly, she takes care of 3 guys in her spare time, handles her other websites, like It’s Better handmade,and she is totally committed to all.
She is living and breathing handmade, in addition Kimberly has become a friend, we share some German roots and that is really special to me.
Thank you for all you do Kimberly, and please go check out her shop and websites, all worth the time.

Mosaic Art By Myeuropeantouch and other Home Decor