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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Design Team Challenge number 3 for the month of April 2016

Design Team Challenge number 3 for the month of April 2016

and hereby have full filled everything that was required of me for the month of April 2016. Including the promotions on all my Social Media websites for the month of April 2016. 
The DT Package for the month of May 2016 was sent back to Owner, I do not keep what does not belong to me. I am done with this. 
If interested in purchase of these items, please feel free to contact me. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Proudly presenting Design Team Challenge Number 2

we were talking about spring, new beginnings, reborn and I immediately thought of a Wall Art Hanging for a New Born Baby as a project for the Design Team.
The pacifier can be switched out later with a photo of your own choosing or even with a Marie Antoinette picture if you like and used forever in another form.

To give this Wall Hanging some substance I used a white damask place mat as my substrate, and covered it with 2 of my white doilies, my own stash.

I added to both sides of the place mat one of her beautiful embroidered beige laces which I cut in half to cover both edges. I then proceeded to use one of her very ornamental white laces to cover the cut edges of the beige one.
I centered a beige linen doily with crocheted edges on top of the white doilies and centered a beige lace frame on that doily to give the impression of a picture frame. 

The crowning of this “New Reborn, Spring, New Beginnings Wall Art Hanging, is a Pacifier tied with white tulle ribbon in the center of the lacy picture frame. Which I mentioned above can be switched out later with a picture of your choosing. The picture can even be slipped under the fabric lace frame and will stay.

At the very bottom I used a very new product, which is just to yummy and beautiful for words. It is so delicate and about 5 inches wide, a must have for any project you might chose.

The two bottom corners I covered with a fabric flower each in a complimentary color of the beiges and whites used in this wall hanging. I used above and below Satin Roses in ivory and made these roses appear bigger by adding some more fabric flower surroundings

The crowning top is a trim with organza flowers, lace and pearls hanging,  and give's the impression of dew drops in the morning. I can't  think of anything more prettier then this trim to crown this Wall Hanging.

This shabby chic wall hanging has layer upon layer  goodies 
And finally it hangs on a ornamental Shabby Chic white hanger with clips.

Thank you for looking and following my blog.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Proudly presenting Design Team Challenge Number 1 for April 2016

I discovered at one of my Estate Sale I frequent a large book, covered in Linen, which was tattered, scratched up and just not very nice looking anymore. I wanted to see who the writer was and discovered that this was actually a box with a magnetic closure. Well “glory be” my mind was racing what I could do with this! Here was my first substrate for the Design Team 

I sanded this box down , primed it and painted it a nice warm cream color, put some round feet underneath it and then came the laces, my crafting items. 

I started out with a piece of lace from my stash and covered the entire lid, I then used all crafts supplies to embellish this beautiful box. A wide Cream Linen Lace came first at the upper part of the lid, and I then used one of the beautiful laces for the bottom part of the lid, it looked like Cathedral Windows upside down.

Now I have 3 layers of laces on the lid.
In the upper left corner I started to fastened one lacy beautiful fabric flowers with Pearls, looking like Spring itself had settled down on top of my lid - and to cover up the stem on the other end in the corner of that beauty, I used one single fabric flowers from which I removed the hair pin. I then arranged the flowers just so to please the eye and surrounded this arrangement with Ivory satin roses, and some smaller ones from my stash to fill in the small spots. 

I then topped the hole arrangement off towards the center with a pearl and rhinestone button.
On the right lower side I used a Cameo with frame and surrounded them with an old pearl string from my stash. I placed some little cut of lace pieces  here and there on the lid, they looked like flowers and I centered them with a single pearl. I then continued to frame the lid edge in flat back pearls

My eyes then wandered to the sides of this box and I found just the piece of lace that would fit perfectly for the sides of this lovely box. I then continued to use flat back pearls on the edge of the bottom on the box.

Now to the back of the book box, I decided that the same lace would fit just fine and completed this Shabbyliscous, Chic, Beautimous Treasure Box.
Can be used for Wedding Card Box, Jewelry, “any kind of box you like it to be”, or just because you love it and have to have it.
Thank you for looking and sharing. 

Looking forward to see you there.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My recent work

Shabby Vintage Mixed Media Glass Bottle Decor, Wedding Center pieces and more

Friday, January 29, 2016

Where did the passion come from, my passion for #sewing

My passion for ‪#‎accessories‬ and ‪#‎sewing‬
I was barely 16 years of age, still in school in Germany and greatly admired Jackie O. Her grace and ‪#‎style‬ to dress was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Her pill box hats and small ‪#‎clutches‬ intrigued me tremendously. Mind you – no one in Germany dressed like that at the time, about 1962/ 1963, but I had to have them and sport them. 
So my ‪#‎creative juices started flowing and I set out and made a pill box hat form with card board and covered it with Flannel and topped it off with the most beautiful ‪#‎fabric‬. I created a form for a ‪#‎clutch, made from card board and covered it with foam and the matching #fabric  from the pill box hat. A pair of gloves I acquired from Grandma....Voilà .......
I was brave enough to wear it out and to church for the first time – matching my light pink summer coat and felt like a queen. 
People around me were whispering behind their hands covering their mouth, I noticed, but sported my ‪#‎creations proudly and felt like I was the most ‪#‎beautiful young girl around. I was different, as no one really dressed like Jackie O at that time in Germany, but it felt so good to strut my stuff, ‪#‎handmade to top it off. I knew I was talked about behind my back, and not positive either, as I stuck out like a sore thumb.
I did not care I had made my first own ‪#‎hautcouture‬.
Lately I fondly remembered this scene and started making my own #Clutch bags again which I now carry in my shoppe ‪#‎Myeuropeantouch‬ Design
here on ‪#‎TheCraftstar‬
Please check it out, something for everyone, ‪#‎Fashion, ‪#‎HomeDécor‬ and ‪#‎Mosaics

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The passion of my making Mosaic's

My passion for ‪#‎Mosaic‬ started early in my life.
WWII had just ended the year before I was born. My maternal and paternal grand parents on my site of the family where very talented and ‪#‎creative‬.
I was used to play in bombed out ruins, and rubble surrounding our make shift home, the aftermath of WWII, and found in this formerly affluent neighborhood shards of beautiful ‪#‎chinadishes‬‪#‎brokenfinechinaplates‬ , I found in the dirt. ‪#‎Beautiful‬ ‪#‎brokencutcrystal‬ pieces, all left there in the rubble from the bombs falling out of the skies destroying this formerly affluent neighborhood.
I remember I tried to put these ‪#‎brokenshards‬ of beautiful ‪#‎chinaplatedishes‬ back together into a #mosaic and pretended to have a complete plate and eat my imaginary dinner from these ‪#‎brokenchinaplates‬ and shards.
I even went to my daddy asking him to put these ‪#‎chinapieces‬ back together for me. He did help with glue made out of flower and water, which never lasted long. There was nothing else to glue with after the war. Here is the kicker, my #brokenshards, my ‪#‎chinamosaicart‬, has come full circle in my life.
I am now making ‪#‎Mosaics‬ from ‪#‎brokencutchinaplate‬ ‪#‎chinaplatepieces‬, like I did when I was a very little girl..
You can find my ‪#‎mosaicart‬ now at ‪#‎myeuropeantouch‬ on ‪#‎thecraftstar‬ in all kinds of forms. Just click on the link below and that will get you to my online shoppe. Filled with #MosaicArt, ‪#‎homedecor‬ and some handmade ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎Myeuropenatouch‬…/2864/myeuropeantouch/

Thank you for looking and sharing.....

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A friends perspective of Myeuropeantouch Design

Written by a friend
I have seen mosaic work before but never really thought about all that goes into it until I met Monika, the talent and powerhouse behind MyEuropeanTouch Design. Looking at her work is like walking through a romantic candy store.

Monika is originally from the northern part of Germany and has traveled all around the country of Germany and Europe but has lived in the States for over 35 years. She arrived in 1981 but is still close to her German friends. She was born just after WWII so Monika did not have your average childhood. Her talented parents had to make due with little so their creativity was a means of providing for their family. In her words, Monika remembers a childhood in Germany of hunger, fun, trips to the country with potato salad and Knackwurst. She played in half fallen in bunkers, and in homes and apartment homes that were toppled over. Her parents found a home for the family in one of these buildings, where one site of the apartments where still somewhat usable.

“I remember being cold all the time, no glass, or cracked glass in the windows covered with newspaper or old woolen military blankets. My first winter coat was made from old army coats my mom took apart. (Scratchy wool) An old wood burning cast iron stove in one room, wood collected from the ruins around us kept us warm. My dad warmed up old bricks on that very stove to take to bed to warm our feet and bodies. Daddy also made pots for cooking out of old steel helms that soldiers wore for protection. I remember eating from dishes that had the “Hakenkreutz” on them found by my parents somewhere. Soldiers Canteens were our soup bowls. My parents were very resourceful to make a life for us after such great destruction. Daddy later traded home grown veggies for flower, flower for a chicken, and little chickadees for a turkey and so on. We ended up with a pig, gooses, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, a large veggie garden in the back of the ruins, and Mom and Dad did their own slaughtering, canning veggies etc. I had to help with cleaning out and plucking chickens at age 6. Daddy slaughtered the pig. I had to help make sausages and all kinds of other delicatessen.”

Monika tells of playing with shards of broken china from famous German makers that she found in the ruins of buildings and trying to put them back together again. She even asked her father to help by making a flour and water paste, which didn’t last too long, but allowed her to have semi complete pieces for a short time and ate her imaginary dinner with her dolly. This love of beauty never left Monika as she still uses broken plates to create new art…though now in a very different way from her childhood. Her work has come full circle from childhood and transformed itself into one of her many passions.

Monika’s parents, as I said were very creative and loving. She remembers her mother’s love of music and all things beautiful. Monika tells of a time her father secretly made her a dollhouse but told her he was building a rabbit hutch in order to keep the Christmas surprise! Monika learned many crafty things from her grandmother; everything from cross stitch and crochet to knitting and sewing, watercolor and charcoal.

In addition to being an amazing mosaic artist, Monika also sings in a choir, solos, duets and recently joined a Senior Choir of 46 members that perform for nursing homes singing songs from older selections known by Senior Home Inhabitants. It is a ministry of joy for Monika and I’m sure for the lucky few that get to listen. She shares her home with her darling cats who allow Monika to stay and work there…gotta love cat attitudes!

As I said, I had no clue what went into mosaics or that there were different types out there until I met Monika. The process she uses is called Pique Assiette or Tesserae and is a process that involves cutting vintage and/or damaged china and porcelain as well as stained glass to create amazing mosaic artwork which is always one of a kind. Each cut piece is carefully placed and glued solid before being grouted permanently and sealed. Monika admits that the grouting part is not one she enjoys because she does not like getting dirty! She will wait until she has a few pieces ready to go so that she only get’s dirty once.

Monika began selling her creations after encouragement from a friend. She began working craft shows and was shocked that people liked her work enough to pay for it (and I can see why!). She has slowed down the in person craft shows and is now proudly selling her work online, which is wonderful for those of us that don’t live close enough to buy in person.

I know that I have not even touched the talent that this lady possesses so I would encourage you to check out her work for yourself. Her main selling sites are easy to find on HandmadeArtists and The . You can check out her Facebook page as well as her blog and even find her on Flickr.

On a personal note, Monika has become a friend and I really appreciate all her support of the members of the handmade community no matter where they sell. She is always positive and uplifting and ready with a joke, though sometimes in slaughtered English! She is a joy to know and I really appreciate her friendship.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

And again I have evolved, new handmade items in my shop

Here is a Lamp Shade, Shabby chic Lamp Shade, Handmade Lamp Shade, white, Ivory, Rhinestone lace

This is  a handmade shabby chic lamp shade, covered in vintage bridal lace with pearls and rhinestone bling, ruffled laces, 3 rows of them and covered with pearls on the edge and rhinestones. The colors  are white, Ivory and cream.
Measurements: 7 x 9 x 11 a medium size lampshade
It is terribly "shabbyliscious" dont you think.....(smile)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Have you ever thought about a Lazy Susan in a totally different way

This overhauled large vintage handmade Mosaic Lazy Susan it's been revived. It's uses are endless, one can use it for the obvious in the dining room now for your condiments, napkins etc.

 Large Handmade Mosaic Lazy Susan Broken cut china plate rim Mosaic

Picture it in your office for your pencil holders, scissor, the cup with pens, scotch tape and such....

Large Handmade Mosaic Lazy Susan Broken cut china plate rim Mosaic
In the baby's room for the powders, creams, wipes and lotions, one turn around and everything is right handy.

Large Handmade Mosaic Lazy Susan Broken cut china plate rim Mosaic

I am sure one can find even that your cup cakes look fabulous on them, even a cake. Or just set it on the counter and have your guest's admire your new treasure.

Large Handmade Mosaic Lazy Susan Broken cut china plate rim Mosaic

I sanded, primed, and painted this Lazy Susan in white, distressed it a bit, covered the top with a handmade Mosaic made from already damaged cut up vintage fine bone china plate rims and stained glass.
The mosaic top also has two little porcelain girls in them who used to have a couple of feather angel wings, which I removed.
The mosaic is grouted in a antique white grout and sealed. It still turns very nicely, as a lazy Susan should.
Measurements: 16 inches in diameter and 2 inches high

Thank you for looking, come on in and see what else I have to offer.....
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