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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Mask, a beautiful Kit

I am presenting The Mask, a kit 


The video will shortly follow, enjoy and thank you for looking.

And here is the Tutorial Video for you to follow if you like..                                                                   

Thank you for looking in , hope you like it 

Thank you for looking and following my blog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Proudly presenting Design Team Challenge Number 2

we were talking about spring, new beginnings, reborn and I immediately thought of a Wall Art Hanging for a New Born Baby as a project for the Design Team.
The pacifier can be switched out later with a photo of your own choosing or even with a Marie Antoinette picture if you like and used forever in another form.

To give this Wall Hanging some substance I used a white damask place mat as my substrate, and covered it with 2 of my white doilies, my own stash.

I added to both sides of the place mat one of her beautiful embroidered beige laces which I cut in half to cover both edges. I then proceeded to use one of her very ornamental white laces to cover the cut edges of the beige one.
I centered a beige linen doily with crocheted edges on top of the white doilies and centered a beige lace frame on that doily to give the impression of a picture frame. 

The crowning of this “New Reborn, Spring, New Beginnings Wall Art Hanging, is a Pacifier tied with white tulle ribbon in the center of the lacy picture frame. Which I mentioned above can be switched out later with a picture of your choosing. The picture can even be slipped under the fabric lace frame and will stay.

At the very bottom I used a very new product, which is just to yummy and beautiful for words. It is so delicate and about 5 inches wide, a must have for any project you might chose.

The two bottom corners I covered with a fabric flower each in a complimentary color of the beiges and whites used in this wall hanging. I used above and below Satin Roses in ivory and made these roses appear bigger by adding some more fabric flower surroundings

The crowning top is a trim with organza flowers, lace and pearls hanging,  and give's the impression of dew drops in the morning. I can't  think of anything more prettier then this trim to crown this Wall Hanging.

This shabby chic wall hanging has layer upon layer  goodies 
And finally it hangs on a ornamental Shabby Chic white hanger with clips.

Thank you for looking and following my blog.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Proudly presenting Design Team Challenge Number 1 for April 2016

I discovered at one of my Estate Sale I frequent a large book, covered in Linen, which was tattered, scratched up and just not very nice looking anymore. I wanted to see who the writer was and discovered that this was actually a box with a magnetic closure. Well “glory be” my mind was racing what I could do with this! Here was my first substrate for the Design Team 

I sanded this box down , primed it and painted it a nice warm cream color, put some round feet underneath it and then came the laces, my crafting items. 

I started out with a piece of lace from my stash and covered the entire lid, I then used all crafts supplies to embellish this beautiful box. A wide Cream Linen Lace came first at the upper part of the lid, and I then used one of the beautiful laces for the bottom part of the lid, it looked like Cathedral Windows upside down.

Now I have 3 layers of laces on the lid.
In the upper left corner I started to fastened one lacy beautiful fabric flowers with Pearls, looking like Spring itself had settled down on top of my lid - and to cover up the stem on the other end in the corner of that beauty, I used one single fabric flowers from which I removed the hair pin. I then arranged the flowers just so to please the eye and surrounded this arrangement with Ivory satin roses, and some smaller ones from my stash to fill in the small spots. 

I then topped the hole arrangement off towards the center with a pearl and rhinestone button.
On the right lower side I used a Cameo with frame and surrounded them with an old pearl string from my stash. I placed some little cut of lace pieces  here and there on the lid, they looked like flowers and I centered them with a single pearl. I then continued to frame the lid edge in flat back pearls

My eyes then wandered to the sides of this box and I found just the piece of lace that would fit perfectly for the sides of this lovely box. I then continued to use flat back pearls on the edge of the bottom on the box.

Now to the back of the book box, I decided that the same lace would fit just fine and completed this Shabbyliscous, Chic, Beautimous Treasure Box.
Can be used for Wedding Card Box, Jewelry, “any kind of box you like it to be”, or just because you love it and have to have it.
Thank you for looking and sharing. 

Looking forward to see you there.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My order, so much shabbyness

I am so, so excited to share my haul
It is so yummy to look at. 
Some of these items, I ordered more then one. 
And the shiny bright silver corners are so hard to photograph, they are much prettier in person. 

I know it....

Thank you for stopping by, Monika
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

I am proud to present my Order

The Box arrived, heavy with beauty, bling, glitz, laces and goodness. Just opening the box brought forth a wonderful yummy smell, it was just as overwhelmingly good as the haul of the goodies itself....

Everything was packages single file and clear cellophane baggies. And every time I opened another, the smell of such yummy, stunning trims and such were just....well it left me speechless.

 Here is the Gesso I order, sorry a bit blurry but I think everyone is familiar with  Gesso in White to paint your substrates if you wish. 
 My first goody baggy, stunning embellishments, from fabric flowers, to little trims, to bling, to pearls on a string, I mean just look at it. 
 Love, love this trim, my fingers are itching to start on a project with it, beautiful delicate lace, intricate scallops, just "beautimous". 

 Love this creamy cotton trim which is very wide, 4-5 inches and a solid foundation for your shabbyliscious project. 

 Another of my favorites, this lace is just brimming with sheen and beauty,
 Sorry, this is a bit dark, but these flowers are pearly shiny little ones and a fabric flower so delicate it has to get a special place in my projects. 
 Here are some Venice Lace appliques, with pearls and bling and without, so special. 
 I apologize, I could not capture the beauty of this cross, it is covered in bling and rhinestones, and my cameo is so sweet, I do have a special place for that already picked out. 
 I do love this lace, 
 I also ordered one of her special tissue napkins, and yes, made plans for that too already. 

 This lace is also a gift 
5 inches wide so intricate and beautiful, look at it, it reminds me of a church cathedral window with all it's ovals and forms. This lace is so special and outstanding when you see it in person. I might have to embellish one of my T-shirts with it at the bottom and make my T-shirt a "CLASS ACT"!
I haven't even shown my other personal stash I ordered in addition. 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

My recent work

Shabby Vintage Mixed Media Glass Bottle Decor, Wedding Center pieces and more