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Friday, January 29, 2016

Where did the passion come from, my passion for #sewing

My passion for ‪#‎accessories‬ and ‪#‎sewing‬
I was barely 16 years of age, still in school in Germany and greatly admired Jackie O. Her grace and ‪#‎style‬ to dress was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Her pill box hats and small ‪#‎clutches‬ intrigued me tremendously. Mind you – no one in Germany dressed like that at the time, about 1962/ 1963, but I had to have them and sport them. 
So my ‪#‎creative juices started flowing and I set out and made a pill box hat form with card board and covered it with Flannel and topped it off with the most beautiful ‪#‎fabric‬. I created a form for a ‪#‎clutch, made from card board and covered it with foam and the matching #fabric  from the pill box hat. A pair of gloves I acquired from Grandma....Voilà .......
I was brave enough to wear it out and to church for the first time – matching my light pink summer coat and felt like a queen. 
People around me were whispering behind their hands covering their mouth, I noticed, but sported my ‪#‎creations proudly and felt like I was the most ‪#‎beautiful young girl around. I was different, as no one really dressed like Jackie O at that time in Germany, but it felt so good to strut my stuff, ‪#‎handmade to top it off. I knew I was talked about behind my back, and not positive either, as I stuck out like a sore thumb.
I did not care I had made my first own ‪#‎hautcouture‬.
Lately I fondly remembered this scene and started making my own #Clutch bags again which I now carry in my shoppe ‪#‎Myeuropeantouch‬ Design
here on ‪#‎TheCraftstar‬
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