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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Teapot Lamp is born

I found this discarded formerly silver plated teapot at a small shop and it was just begging to be transformed.

Fortunately a client had seen my other teapot Lamps at my flickr site....
teapotL 003

She fell in love with it and ordered one .......

I started out cleaning up this teapot, sanded, ruffed it up a bit to prepare it to take a white primer and paint. Before that I removed the finial on top of the lid, drilled a hole, marked the bottom where I would drill the hole for the threaded hollow rod to go thru all the way to the top. I secured the threaded hollow rod with washers and nuts.
After primer and paint where dry, I then cut up vintage bone china plate rims with my tile nippers, added stained glass pieces which were also cut over and over again until the fit to the curved body just right and glue them to the body with thin set.



There, one side done, proceeded to the other side, and partially the bottom, and stained glass around the rim. One can see part of the teapot that is not mosaiced yet, just the white paint. The thin set needs to dry for quite some time before I can go on to the grouting of the entire teapot body.

After usually at least a week the mosaic on the teapot is ready for grouting. The grout just has to be the right consistence to get into all the nooks and cranny's. I let it sit for about an hour until I wipe the grout overflow of the teapot body with a wet sponge. Then it will sit again for a while until I wipe the grout film of the stained glass and fine bone china pieces cut from plate rims to make everything shiny. I wait a few more days normally before I seal this mosaic on the teapot body with a tile sealer. My client needed this in a hurry for a gift so I sped up some of the process a bit to help her out, by using a hair dryer.
Here we go all done so far...

The lid was then covered in thin set and glue to build it up a bit, I then set in all the clay roses, vintage rhinestone brooches, cameos, pretties and baubles which would dry within the thin set/glue and be secured.
In the meantime I made the lamp shade, finished it up with tear drop pearl trim and an old fashioned Rhinestone Earring. I threaded the electrical cord thru the hollow metal rod and connected the cord to the  actual light kit and mounted it on the top of the hollow rod. Put a light bulb in, yep it works, all good....Topped of the spout with a Crystal Chnadelier Tear Drop and a Rose.

Here is the finished project and my client was very happy, which in turn pleased me and made me happy.

Handmade Teapot Lamp Decor, formerly silver plated. An exquisite presentation, loved previously - to remain now a treasure for the next 50 years in your home perhaps?

I sanded, primed and painted this teapot in a cottage white color and then sealed it. This timeless classic, I then adorned the lid with handmade clay roses, vintage antique Jewelry and bling, meticulously laid on this teapot. The handmade clay roses and leaves I arranged so to give the impression they are climbing from the lid. A chandelier Prism hangs gracefully from the spout accompanied by a lil rose.
A classic Cameo, who you might usually find on a sweaters and blouses, settles on the lid and some on the belly of this Teapot.

I am quite pleased with the outcome of this reclaimed Teapot.
An abundance of Shabby, Cottage Chic... A treasure for a Victorian, beach, cottage, shabby, Paris home or Apartment.
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