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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monika's Gift's

 As human beings we so often make plans for our life’s and I think sometimes GOD just smiles about our ignorance…
I have to speak about our gifts given by the grace of God. I have been singing God’s praises ever sine I was 2 years old.
In October of 2008, going through anterior cervical spine surgery, I was told that there would be a 98% probability of vocal damage and my voice would be gone. Singing; I should not plan on it ever again.
The surgery was successful and the surgeon was able to safe my speaking voice. What a blessing. Now I was praying and hoping that my ability to sing GOD’s praises would come back. Nothing happened! Even though I was told and warned that this could happened before the surgery one is never prepared for this when you have been singing in church for 55 plus years. I started mourning my loss, grieving; I practically had tunnel vision and could not think of anything else. My sorrow and cries were so deep, part of my very essence and who I am- was gone. After month of such emotional, painful grieving process I could not handle this anymore without something breaking in me. One evening I said my prayers and just gave my pain to GOD. I fell asleep and awoke startled, felt emotionally lifted and light, I had a vision of the most beautiful gold beaded triple cross, a Christmon Ornament I had seen somewhere. The Crosses at Golgotha. I had vision in my mind of our poor Christmas tree from the year before, it was not pretty at all.. GOD had reminded me of the other gifts he had graciously given to me, creating with my hands. Immediately I jumped out of bed, stumbling to my craft closet. Remembering 2 large glass jars of pearls beads I had for 5 years not knowing what to do with them, and started beading on a piece of fabric. I did not quit until 3 AM in the morning and was so delighted and happy.
GOD had heard my cries, and his answer to my pain was totally different, unexpected, but filled me with joy and lifted me. Essentially that was the beginning of my Chrismon Team, stitching for Christ. We made 195 Christmon Ornaments, I was able to teach some of them who never held a needle in their life’s, 17 lady’s met with me every Friday faithfully.
I really do know that GOD has HIS plans for all of us and we just have to do his bidding. This time, and so many other times in my life GOD has shown me the way according to HIS plans and not mine. I don’t know about you, but I forget so easily that GOD is in charge and asked me to use all the gifts I have been given. They are not mine to keep, I need to share.
It is now over a year after the surgery and GOD has blessed me a second time with my Singing voice, once at birth and now with healing. How rich I am to receive such a gracious gift from GOD a second time in my life.

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