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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet Andrew, the Administrator and Owner of

 Meet Andrew, the Administrator and Owner of His wife Kimberly is also an administrator/owner of this venue we love so much. Handmade only!
Andrew’s passion is twisting Rings! Yep, that’s what he say’s:
“Twisting Rings”
He specializes in high quality handmade chainmaille creations in silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, and jeweler's brass
I have been forever partial to this one 
Chainmaille is an ancient art that dates back before the 5th century.  The process involves interweaving rings of varioussizes into intricate patterns to create wearable metal art.  In ancient times, chainmaille served the useful purpose ofprotecting soldiers in battle; but, since there are very few jousting matches happening on modern streets, chainmaille
has evolved into wearable art. ChainmailleByMBOI creates pieces using a variety of metals including Sterling Silver,Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze.  He states, almost any pattern that you see can be created from a different metal so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact him and he will be happy to begin a
special order for you.
Love, love this one....and he calls it just twisting rings, I cant even bend one of them.....(smile)
Now that’s his passion, aside from his day job, he is handling the actual Sales Venue called  Handmadeartists,com,constantly on his toes, to answer questions, assisting with functions, promotes everything and every body on thousands of other venues, so is well seen and talked about. I really am only touching the surface here,I cannot imagining what else he does in addition to all this. My presentation here is just a humble sliver of his talents. Go visit and pick that special piece you always wanted....
You can find Andrew right here:

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