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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Can't afford the real thing? Musicians gifts, protegee gift, wall art, table decor

Wood Cut Out violin decor or gift for musician music lover

This wood cut out violin was primed and painted in Burgundy, adorned with Gold Stars and 4 Gold strings, a cameo with flowers at the bottom, surrounded by mauve and cream mulberry roses, and at the top at the scroll/ fingerboard was decorated with a gold star and red rhinestone bling. 19 inches tall All handmade for your gift giving of family and friends
Violin handmade wood cut out music lover gift wall art musicians gift

A handmade Violin, made from a wood cut out, primed and painted in sage green, 4 cream pearl strings follow it from the scroll to the bottom, a very light lace pattern was spray painted on the body, the strings at the bottom end up in a green flowered cameo, daisy stickers and bow, green wired rhinestone bling, 2 green rhinestone lil angels cover the body of the violin in the upper right. The scroll/top is covered with a little vintage Christmas tree brooche full of rhinestones and a crystal chandelier tear drop. 19 inches tall What a fabulous gift for everyone or perfect wall art

Handmade Violin Wood cut out music lover gift wall art hanging
Of course, I could not skip the pink.....(smile)
Handmade Violin, from a wood cut out. Cant afford the real thing? This makes a fabulous music lovers gift, or wall art, center piece for the table, buffet etc. Primed and painted in pink with a light lace overlay painted on it, two hand tatted butterfly's are flitting around on it, a large Anemone holds the pearl strings, 4 of them in place, with a pink tassel. The top scroll at the finger board is topped of with two pink mauve mulberry roses. The back also has a faint painted lace pattern on it. 19 inches TALL All handmade for your decorating pleasure or gift giving.

Thank you all for looking and sharing.

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