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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Front Door Christmas Decor, dolled up ice skates

Vintage Ice Skate, Fire place Mantel Décor, Front Door Décor, Wall Décor. May the simple joys of the season be yours with these vintage Ice skate, all dolled up in blue glistening colors. I spray painted the entire skate white, it was to scuffed up, used Organza Ribbon for laces, painted a lacy blue pattern on the skate, blue glitter on the actual skate, some blue colorful buttons and filled this skate with Christmas Greenery. I also added a glitter blue and white Santa Boot. Holiday imagery can be seen on your front door, it possesses a heartwarming Greeting for your guests, shines even over the fire place mantel. A fairy world of snow is waiting for you, with whitish, blue gems aglow on the skates. While we slumbered the Ice Queen came.Handmade Vintage Ice Skate Front Door Decoration Red White Rhinestone Bridal Lace

Red Christmas Ice Skate Front Door Decoration glitter snow Organza ribbon poinsettia

Ice Skate Decoration in red, with white lace pattern, a vintage lace collar embellishes the cuff, pearls running around the skate, glitter buttons, a white poinsettia, Organza Ribbon and bow and all sugared up with snowy glitter. Once frequenting the frozen pond, now it serves to hold fresh cut holly, Christmas Greenery, holiday cards...or maybe candy canes. Can be used at the front door, as fire place décor or hung to a wall. Thank you for looking.

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